Residential Training Course in Italy

The World is Changing – are You?

In this residential workshop we will explore who we are as individuals and how it is we live and cope in a rapidly changing world. What does the world want and need from us? What do we need from the world? Learning ways to pay attention to what our own self communicates to us everyday, along with experiential exercises such as deep listening and reflection, guided visualizations, arts, yoga and body explorations, we will increase our awareness of who we are.What matters to each one of us, really?As a community we will find ways to support each other in the continually evolving world of today.

 It is increasingly difficult to recognize our home any longer in these times of global change. 

– Where are we going? 

– What needs to fall apart? To be created? 

– Where are the guideposts to show the way? 

– How can we support one another? 

– What walls are needed? Which are not? 

– How can you find your way in these changing times? 

Join us in Italy!

Part One of a Four-Part Series

This is a joint collaboration between us trainers and the diverse cross-cultural and educational backgrounds we bring to this program. Psychosynthesis, existential and process oriented psychotherapy, yoga, mythology, storytelling, bodywork and creative arts all will be available to us as modalities to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Our goal is that we learn concrete skills available to us when dealing with what we do not know and with what is different from us. We ask questions such as how we encounter and understand what we are not accustomed to ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’. 

Working with the rich diversity within ourselves, we look at understanding our inner and outer conflicts, helping us live with a greater degree of ease and joy in our lives. 

Join us in Italy!


August 31 – September 6 2017 

Venue: Farfa Abbey

Via del Monastero, 1, 02032 Farfa in Sabina RI, Italy


1100 € part of 4-bedroom, 1200 € part of double room, 1300 € in single room. The fee includes full board & lodging, programme materials & tuition beginning with dinner august 31st until lunch September 6th. 

Early Bird Discount- Before June 15th!

875€ part of 4-bedroom, 975€ part of double room, 1075€ in single room.

We want to welcome everyone. We have a few work study positions open if you need financial assistance due to your life circumstances. Please send us a request. 


Nearest airport is Rome Fiumicino. 

Questions & Registration 

Register early as seating is very limited, at the latest July 1st 2017 

Please email us at: for further information.

A questionnaire will be sent at registration for further details about transport and special needs.

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Getting to and Staying at Farfa Abbey

Would you like some more info about getting to Farfa? About what to bring with you? About the Abbey and village? 

Find out more here on our Staying in Italy page.

Meet our Team

Join us and allow our collaboration to teach, serve and inspire one another. 

Cecilia Angelin
Cecilia Angelin

Trainer & psychotherapist from Sweden working with Psychosynthesis, mythology and bodywork 

Rosi Robertazzi
Rosi Robertazzi

Trainer yoga & art; storytelling, theatre, singing, poetry. Active in Italy, Norway & India. 

Nader Shabahangi, PhD
Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Trainer, psychotherapist & coach. Manages and develops eldership communities in California. 

Winston Waterton
Winston Waterton

Life coach, thai massage practitioner and social worker for children and families. 

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Throughout the millennia, we humans have been asking ourselves what makes life worth living. How can we know a life that completes us and achieves what we want to become? Wise elders, mystics, sages, seers, scholars: all have been sought to answer this question. In the last century, with increased secularization and the rise of the modern scientific attitude, the discipline of psychotherapy emerged as a new way to explore the worthwhile life.