image of deli in Farfa Italy, eldership workshop, on sept 10 through 17th, 2018

About September's Eldership Workshop Retreat in Italy

Exploring the skills of eldership using art, poetry, literature, story-telling, self-reflection, and yoga to tap undiscovered regions of the mind, body & soul.

The upcoming September 2018 workshop will focus on concrete skills of eldership. Using these skills we will address some of the anxieties and worries we face in this ever-changing world. 

In a fun and creative atmosphere, participants create with clay, engaging in play as a way to reach feelings often hard to explain in words. The workshop uses art, yoga, poetry, literature, and story-telling to reach undiscovered regions of the mind, body and soul – and to explore how we can continue to be an active participant and guide in our communities.

Madeleine working clay

A Workshop to Explore Eldership

Join this retreat meant for awareness seekers eager to embrace the richness and difficulties of life and learn how we can continue to contribute to our societies with Eldership – at any age!

Who are we and how do we fit into this modern world today?

The idea and skill of “eldership” provides a guidepost for yearning for consciousness in these turbulent times. In this seven-day residential workshop participants will explore eldership as an attitude we can learn and practice at any age – though often we are pushed, sometimes against our will, to learning eldership through the many ups and downs we experience through life and with the benefit of time and perspective.

This workshop is for:

1 For awareness seekers of all ages; coming together to share and hone their skills in eldership;

2 For providers and professionals working in the field of human services;

3 For people of any age desiring a life of meaning with an eldership-informed awareness; and

For those who are searching for mysteries and wonder that lie within & beyond everyday life.

This is the second of four retreat workshops exploring eldership. This workshop is open to awareness seekers eager to embrace the richness and difficulties of life. Attendance at previous retreats is not necessary.

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The Workshop at Farfa

Venue: Farfa Abbey- Via del Monastero, 1, 02032 Farfa, in Sabina RI, Italy.

Join us in Farfa, a medieval Italian village, close to Rome. The Abbey is in the heart of the Sabine hills, a place full of peace, serenity and simplicity.

Residential Cost: The fee includes full board & lodging, programme materials & tuition beginning with dinner September 10th until lunch September 17th, 2018.

4-bed Shared Room Option: 

975€ -Register after June 1st

Shared Double Room Option:

$1075€ -Register after June 1st

Single Room Option:           

1175€ -Register after June 1st              

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Working in Italy!

At the Eldership Workshop at Farfa in September, 2017

Meet our Team

Madeleine Cunningham bio
Madeleine Cunningham

Professional Studio Potter. Facilitated workshops for many years in Greece and Wales. Practitioner in Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy.

bio pic of Dr Julia Wolfson
Julia Wolfson, Ph.D.

Facilitator, author, coach. Works internationally with people, organisations and communities in the midst of dynamic development. Specializes in human services.

Nader Shabahangi, PhD
Nader Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Trainer, psychotherapist & coach. Specializes in revisioning aging and new ways to understand forgetfulness (dementia) and eldercare.