Our Vision: Eldership as our Guide

Eldership as our Guide

We can live in joy by connecting to the virtues of our elders, at any age in our lives. We call this Eldership. 

Eldership qualities are grounded in timeless human virtues such as a non-judgemental attitude, patience, presence, deep listening, non-polarizing language, and curiosity towards the known and unknown. 

Eldership studies have the power to not only help us find deeper meaning in own lives, but also to activate healthy and sustainable social and cultural change for our future.

Our Vision

An Intergenerational Classroom of Eldership Studies

Imagine 15 to 100 year-old students connecting in the classroom discussing the deep issues we are facing as a global society; imagine these students together exploring ways to live meaningful and challenging lives as they grapple with topics of family, education, politics, culture, psychology and spirituality; imagine students’ experiences range from living through the Great Depression, Apollo 11 landing on the moon, to the advent of the self-driving car; where the 50 year old listens to the 80 year old and the 70 year old listens to the opinions of a 25 year old.

We are talking about creating a true space for opening up our minds where we learn to appreciate the gifts of the young and older, begin to understand the big picture, how each offers important wisdom for how to move ourselves and the planet forward in kinder, gentler and more aware ways.

We hope you join an upcoming event. There’s a place for everyone.