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Videos on Eldership and Aging from presentations and prior trainings

From Aging to Eldership, at Any Age

This video  is about changing our perception of aging, reframing from getting old to getting mature and opening ourselves up to the concept of Elder as a role and engaging in Eldership practices. Elders of any age practicing the Eldership values of giving back, mentorship and guidance. 

This presentation dinner was hosted by the Center for Elders’ Independence in Oakland, CA.

Presented on March 9, 2017.

Who's "Aging" are we Living?

Re-visioning the purpose and power of aging wiith Bruce McBeath and Nader Shabahangi.

In this session Bruce and Nader explore participants personal images of aging, address the impact of cultural stereotypes on our perception of aging, and move beyond culturally imposed limitations to recapture the gifts aging offers for personal development and sorely needed cultural maturity.

Presented on November 15, 2015 at EHI 8th Annual Conference

Becoming Who We Are

Nader Shabahangi,PhD, is the founder of AgeSong and a licensed psychotherapist working with elders. In this AgeSong Academy Training he talks about becoming who we are.

This short is excerpted from an AgeSong Academy training on Eldership.

What is the Image I Have of My Elder?

Nader Shabahangi, PhD, demonstrates some of the image he has of his inner elder. Liz Bugental, PhD discusses our society-influenced view of aging.

This short is an excerpt from an AgeSong Academy’s training on Eldership.

Who am I? In relation to the Elder I am Becoming.

Nader Shabahangi, PhD, CEO and Founder of AgeSong, speaks on trying to become more clear about who we are.

This is an excerpt from an AgeSong Academy training on Eldership.

The Experience of Aging: Loss and Opportunity

Liz Bugental, PhD, author, psychotherapist, and instructor, speaks about aging, loss and the opportunity that can come with age if we grab it.

This is an excerpt from an AgeSong Academy training on Eldership.