Internship Program

Eldership Academy, a non-profit organization, supports the Elder Ashram assisted living community and programs with the support and participation of individuals and organizations.

We strive to enable residents to stay engaged in the larger community through the support of our many programs. Our Internship Program encourages the research and development of a mindfulness-based approach with interns and trainees working with humanistic, existential, and process-work approaches to therapy.

About Us

Eldership Academy is an eldercare program of Elder Ashram. Eldership Academy is dedicated to changing the mainstream view of aging. Rather than viewing aging as something to be avoided, we see it as an important phenomenon of life. Aging provides humans with the opportunity to mature and become elders in the true sense of the word: people of wisdom, rich in life experience, able to help us humans and our planet become more aware.

Eldership Academy is an educational organization that promotes awareness in the way we understand aging, growing old and the role of eldership. It does so through counseling, education, publications, and research. We understand that a non-pathologizing, non-judgmental attitude towards people in need of help is as important for care to take place as is skill and expertise.

With the growing population of aging citizens and citizens with mental health concerns, the need for a more comprehensive, intelligent and loving approach to both eldercare and mental health is urgent today. Through teaching and practicing our philosophy of care we hope to make a contribution to a more accepting and aware people and planet.

Our Vision

Eldership Academy cares for vulnerable and emotionally sensitive older adults who are often the most hidden and invisible people around us. We will continue changing the paradigm for teaching and learning how to care for the elderly and people with chronic mental health issues from a humanistic, process-oriented and spiritual perspective. Our innovative approach towards the delivery of care and services to our residents allows residents to be who they are and to be valued for their contributions. 

Our Mission

Through deepening our awareness of the many dimensions and expressions of human nature, Eldership Academy will continue to grow its elder care program and teach new perspectives in the field of Mental Health, Gerontology, and Education.  We are committed to elevating society’s view of the caregiving profession. We teach new ways of giving care, of growing personally and professionally, of becoming more aware of how to live a meaningful life.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Internship Program Brochure

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