Internship Program Brochure

Elder Ashram Academy promotes a caring, loving and inspiring living environment that feeds body, mind and spirit and reflects the true value of who elders are. When it comes to caring for our elders, we ask for a deep and loving care from our interns. Because we know that working with elders can involve traversing challenging new territories, we often refer to our interns as Warriors of the Heart (based on the term Warriors of the Lightcoined by Paulo Coelho) and/or Midwives of the Soul (Doris Bersing).

Elder Ashram Academy interns work with premier health care systems throughout California to support transitional care services for older adults in need of residential milieu support before they return home. Elder Ashram Academy interns play a vital role in ensuring the success of this program.

We know that being an elder brings with it many gifts and lessons of life that only those with much life-experience can offer. Elders are our teachers and mentors, our leaders and guides. If we deeply listen to them with all of our senses as well as our heart and soul, we gain much wisdom and understanding for our own journey through life.

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