The 2017 Eldership Residential Workshop in Farfa, Italy

In 2017 Nader  joined a collaborative team of teachers and trainers in the first of the Eldership Academy’s residential workshops being held in beautiful Farfa, Italy. 

This joint collaboration brought diverse cross-cultural and educational backgrounds to the programming. The team pulled from psychosynthesis, existential and process-oriented psychotherapy, yoga, mythology, storytelling, bodywork and creative arts to engage with like-minded souls who want to challenge stereo-types of aging and grow instead into eldership. 

The participants in the August residential workshop explored “who we are as individuals and how it is we live and cope in a rapidly changing world.” In the September residential the participants focused on concrete skills to address our “anti-aging’ and “fear of aging” attitudes that devalue eldership. This included creative play and explored how to continue to be  active participants and guides in our societies.

Accepting Applications for Upcoming Eldership Retreat

Interested in the 2018 Eldership Retreat Workshop in Farfa?

For information on the upcoming 2018 residential workshop in Italy please email Nader here at or check out the page for this year’s Eldership Workshop Retreat which will be jointly led by Nader Shabahangi, Madeleine Cunningham and Julia Wolfson. 

This retreat is a unique opportunity to discover a Process Work approach to eldership facilitation, inner work and creativity (including guided exploration with clay as creative facilitator emotive expression); all while in the good company of fellow seekers and seasoned human beings.