November 17, 2019

Envisioning Eldership Workshop Flyers


Envisioning Eldership: Embracing a Joyous View of Life and Living – An Existential, Process-Oriented Approach

A Day-Long Workshop

Developed & Facilitated by EHI Core Instructor Dr. Nader Shabahangi, MFT, RCFE

Date: Saturday, Dec 7th, 2019

Time: 10:15am-4:45pm/ 10:00 am checkin

Location: The Center SF, 548 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA 94117

Cost: Regular Ticket – $140 Early Bird/$155 after Nov 18th
Student and/or Elder Ticket- $120.00 Early bird/$135 after Nov 18th

Scholarships: A couple of scholarship tickets are available, please reach out to Michelle for more details at

Therapeutic Professionals and General Public Welcome

Save the date to join Nader for this day of dynamic engagement.

Integrating existential-humanistic and process-oriented philosophy and methodology with the latest research in gerontology, this workshop will help participants understand the concept and practice of eldership and invite them to reflect on their own beliefs about adulthood and aging.

Participants will explore possibilities for developing new identity constructions and frameworks for conceptualizing aging, as well as meaning and purpose in old age. This new perspective can support not only psychotherapists but also any any person who is interested in more effectively working with elders and themselves. This approach and learning also contributes to the health and well-being of individuals and communities in general.

More than ever, we crave a new definition of aging that borrows from the great thinkers, artists, philosophers and wisdom traditions throughout history. Blending existential, process-oriented psychotherapeutic insights and centuries of philosophical wisdom with modern pragmatism learned from being a CEO of eldercare communities in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a quarter of a century, this workshop seeks a thoughtful map on aging, not a “To Do” list that illuminates yet another reason to fail.

Eldership isn’t a state, but a process. It’s not something to be achieved, but practiced in our own unique journey!


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