Nader Shabahangi

Upcoming Eldership Dinner with Dr Nader Shabahangi

March 1, 2017 | Nader Shabahangi

Please join us for a light supper as we explore perceptions about aging. Come away with a new understanding of: What is life like as an older adult? How can we help our loved ones as they grow older? Thursday, March 9, 2017  6:00PM – 8:00PM Betti Ono Gallery  1427 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 Guest Speaker: Nader Shabahangi, PhD  Renowned aging and elder care expert CEO/Founder of AgeSong Senior Living Communities Eldership Dinner Presentation: As many a philosopher and sage have pointed out, what is nearest is often the hardest to see. Particularly in our so-called adult life, it is seldom a simple matter to take a step back and evaluate how we are living. How often do we reflect on whether our ways of living are really our choice or are instead heaped on us by external influences, ranging between mainstream values, education, family, social, and cultural norms? Do these resonate with our own inner inklings and desires? Are we simply following the herd? These questions make sense when we can see available alternatives. […]

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“I Like to Listen”: The Need for Eldership in Challenging Times

January 17, 2017 | Nader Shabahangi

Nader Shabahangi shares an op-ed piece on his thoughts about how growing Eldership can have a positive impact in our challenging times. Excerpt from California Voices on California Health Report here: Eldership. Eldership is a role all of us can inhabit when called upon. It is the two year-old at the kitchen table reminding the parents that they are fighting while eating. It is the young adult standing up and letting the manager know workers are hurting. It is the middle adult who calms the temperament of two people about to get into a fight. Since becoming older does not automatically create an elder – it does not automatically create the skills needed for eldership – we often need to acquire them. We learn to understand how people communicate, connect with one another, exchange experience and knowledge, and feel heard. Read the whole piece here at (the California Health Report website.)

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