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Eldership Academy Press is a platform for elders of any age – lifestyle artists from all walks of life: elders in transition, health, social care, education and eldercare. Our publications and creative media address personal, professional and community learning and growth. We offer guides for living joyously while embracing all phases of life and states of mind. Eldership signifies an attitude of open heart, open mind and overall helpfulness in dreaming big and embracing life’s challenges alone and together with awareness, in a spirit of optimism and buoyancy. Eldership follows a joy principle: an attitude that amidst life challenges, the agony and the beauty, over time difficulties can work out in unexpected ways. We use the term eldership with gratitude to Arnold Mindell founder of Process Work, and our teachers and co-learners in the entire global Process Work community.

Current Publications

Book cover of Here There be Soul-Eaters
Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers
by Martin Helmsley, Ph.D.

Eldership Academy Press is excited to offer Dr Martin Helmsley’s book Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers.

In Here There be Soul-Eaters, a fascinating, deep dive into the interviews of eleven nurse healers from Australia and other countries, Dr. Martin Helmsley explores the “awesomeness, brokenness and ordinary joy” of their mysterious inner and outer journeys of becoming and living as healers. What is revealed is, “a spiritual path, over the edge of ordinary reality … living in multiple worlds, hard against the edge of madness”. Read, in these first-hand accounts, as women and men come to be a healer or shaman how they drop their personal history and trust the gifted empowerment.

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Ambiguity of Suffering book cover
Ambiguity of Suffering
by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.
2018 Revised Edition

The development from psychoanalysis to Processwork can be summarised in the way we understand human suffering. Whereas psychoanalysis still understands suffering as a disease to be overcome, Processwork views human suffering as a key to awareness. Understood as such, suffering holds one of the deeper meanings of life: the ability to connect with your soul, your deep humanity. It is this connection with suffering that pushes us to become ever more aware. Rather than trying to eliminate suffering, we can celebrate it as an opportunity to deepen who we are. This book is my effort to re-introduce a love of philosophy to psychology.

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Book cover of Applying Deep Democracy to Human Services
Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services: Diversity, Inclusion and Innate Powers
by Julia Wolfson, Ph.D.

Eldership Academy Press is honored to offer Dr Julia Wolfson’s latest book Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services.

One billion people across the globe are dependent on health, disability and/or care and protective systems and providers. Everyday survival depends on caregivers, supporters, care programs and funding. Yet so many people are lonely, isolated and long to feel at home in a community with meaningful relationships, and opportunities to participate and contribute. Mistreatment, exploitation and neglect in protective environments and institutions, are coming to light worldwide. Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services offers caregivers, educators and direct support professionals, and anyone reliant on the ever-growing field of human services a strengths-based approach to recovery an change. The nine innate powers outlined in this book answer the question: How to relate with people who require assistance and care, in an individualized and respectful way? Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services is a humanizing and pragmatic response to addressing and preventing abuse, and awakening inner resources to learn and grow, in a self-defined life, rich with meaning, friendship and contribution.

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The Evolving Elder:
By David “Lucky” Goff
Eldership Academy Press (2017)
$18.95 USD Softcover, plus shipping

Once in a while, a passionate and poignant description of something that is happening on a global and evolutionary scale occurs. The Evolving Elder captures a transition that is preparing the way for a new phase in humanity’s life. Instead of dwelling on the prejudices that impede the old, this work describes elderhood in fresh terms, which reveal the many positive aspects of this important stage of human life. There are gains, which make the losses that accompany aging meaningful and essential to human well being. There are many surprises involved with aging —developments that enhance life, and expansions that change the assumptions about what the human experiment is about. It is way past time for a new look at the phenomenon of aging, an examination that reveals the ultimate dignity of human life.

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Encounters of the Real Kind Book 3 book cover
Encounters of the Real Kind,musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life, Book 3
by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Eldership Academy Press is excited to present the third volume in the Encounters of the Real Kind series; a tome of shared stories, poems and musings from the 2013/2014 participants in the Pacific Institute Gero-Wellness Program at AgeSong. In these stories and poems you can see how the AgeSong Elders are teaching the timeless qualities of being human: being in the moment, in the here and now, relating deeply with others and oneself, being kind and generous, giving and accepting, loving and caring. These ways of being are so very much needed in our modern-day societies, which are increasingly fast paced, materialistic, and cerebral.

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Poems for and About Elders
by Tom Greening, Ph.D.

Tom Greening is a wonderful role model of an elder, poet, philosopher and educator who shares personal, honest and lyrical contemplations on later life issues. The poems in this collection grew out of his serving as a training director at AgeSong, his psychotherapy practice, and his own aging. He and his dachshund are gradually getting used to being “elders.”

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Encounters of the Real Kind: musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life, Book 2
edited by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

This is the second volume in the series of Encounters of the Real Kind. These stories, poems and musings are shared by the 2012/2013 participants in the AgeSong Gero-Wellness training program. All residents at AgeSong Communities have an opportunity to connect with Gero-Wellness interns who provide emotional and therapeutic support individually and/or in group settings. Interns spend two or more days a week in an AgeSong community and may accompany residents to group programs, share stories while on walks, connect in a painting class, listen to music, and read poetry together. They also plan trips to the opera or share in a quiet moment. Groups focus on meditation, expressive arts, movement, humor, national and international news, literature, travel and much more. Our interns follow the lead of elders; they show us what is important to them.

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Encounters of the Real Kind Book 1
Encounters of the Real Kind: musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life, Book 1
edited by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Encounters of the Real Kind are exactly that: deep, life-changing meetings between human beings. These are stories, poems and musings shared by the 2011/2012 AgeSong Gero-Wellness interns from their experiences within AgeSong’s humanistically-visioned assisted living residences. The AgeSong Gero-Wellness training emphasizes that we need to ‘see’ and care for the whole human being and adopting that philosophy gives AgeSong Residences a culture of care that focuses on the individuals. Eldership Academy Press is excited to introduce a new series sponsored by Pacific Institute featuring the contributions of the Pacific Institute Gero-Welness Program interns training within the AgeSong Eldercare Communities: Encounters of the Real Kind.

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Elders Today: Opportunities of a Lifetime
by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

It is in joining with the elders of today that each one of us can be enriched and deepened, that our culture and societies can be reminded of what makes us essentially human. Elders Today poses complex, quintessential questions about life, our role within the world, our values, our contribution, presence and legacy, helping us not only learn to appreciate what it means to be an elder; we can’t help but actually look forward to becoming elders ourselves.

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Gems of Wisdom: A Book of Elder Poetry and Prose
Gems of Wisdom: A Book of Elder Poetry and Prose
edited by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Gems of Wisdom is a celebration of eldership and the wisdom that accompanies life experiences. Elders throughout California submitted prose and poetry to inspire readers to reflect and embrace their own creativity. A portion of the proceeds from Gems of Wisdom will help AgeSong Institute fund its Expressive Arts Programs throughout the Bay Area.

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Conversations with Ed Waiting for Forgetfulness: Why are We So Afraid of Alzheimer's Disease?
Conversations with Ed Waiting for Forgetfulness: Why are We So Afraid of Alzheimer’s Disease?
by Ed Voris, Nader Shabahangi, and Patrick Fox,
in collaboration with Sharon Mercer


How can we not be afraid of Alzheimer’s Disease? How can we not dread aging? By posing these questions we are invited alternate ways of seeing Alzheimer’s disease as well as aging. In so doing we do not want to minimize the suffering that people may experience watching a loved one become forgetful. Nor do we want to minimize that becoming forgetful and growing old can be pain processes. Rather, Conversations with Ed wants to create a positive cultural space for people with dementia, for those who accompany them on their journey and for those who fear being afflicted with it.

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Love Fills In The Blanks: Paradoxes of Our Later Years
by Elizabeth Bugental, Ph.D.

Love Fills In the Blanks is an insightful heart-opening book that examines paradoxes of aging as they form from the direct experience of the author, Elizabeth Bugental, and of many of her students, each of whom was more than seventy years of age.

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Deeper into the Soul: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer's Towards Forgetfulness Care
Deeper into the Soul: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s Towards Forgetfulness Care
by Nader Robert Shabahangi, Ph.D.& Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D.


In Deeper into the Soul: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s Toward Forgetfulness Care, the authors invite us to shift our attitude toward dementia, or forgetfulness, as they call it. Accompanying us are four characters—a sage, a psychologist, a physician, and an intern—who each sees Forgetfulness from a different viewpoint. The goal is to develop a perspective which includes the basic ingredients of openness, curiosity and acceptance.

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Doing Sixty and Seventy book cover
Doing Sixty and Seventy
by Gloria Steinem

In her inspiring essay, Doing Sixty and Seventy, Steinem shares her views on age stereotyping, the unexpected liberation that comes with growing older, and defines what she perceives as the fact that women become more radical as they age. The essay also sheds light on the forces that shaped her life and for readers who have only heard bits and pieces about her the essay offers a primer on her bold and logical theories.

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Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration
Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration
by Riki Intner, M.A. and Roberta Cole, M.A.

In Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration, Roberta Cole and Riki Intner take readers on what can be a life-altering odyssey of connection and caring. At a time in our history when our population is living longer and longer, caregiving has become a national health issue as well as one of the greatest human challenges of our time. How do we respect, honor and attend to the needs of our elders? As well, how do we respect, honor and attend the needs of those facing life threatening health issues earlier in life.

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AgeSong: Meditations for our Later Years
AgeSong: Meditations for our Later Years
by Elizabeth Bugental, Ph.D.

Growing old is not an option. But how we age is a choice. At least we like to think so. AgeSong gives us a pleasurable nudge and a little inspiration to take charge of our aging. None of us knows how many years this final life-phase will last, but it’s a pretty good bet that it will last at least as long as our adolescence.

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The Therapies of Literature
The Therapies of Literature
by Richard W. Wiseman, Ph.D., with a Foreword by Rollo May
2003; Out of Print

This book, The Therapies of Literature, is a tour de force of some of the finest works of World Literature. This book condenses much of the author’s fifty years of study and university teaching in the Humanities and Literature. As Professor Wiseman points out, literature is one of the most honest of human expressions; it does not hide behind theories or try to squeeze the world of human experience into a few psychological and/or philosophical concepts.

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Faces of Aging by Nade Shabahangi book cover
Faces of Aging
by Nader Robert Shabahangi, Ph.D.

Faces of Aging is a collection of essays and photographic images that address the challenge of aging in a society that is not sympathetic to older people. The result of this negativity deprives us all from interaction with a very valuable segment of the population.

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