Recommended Read: Aging Famously by Elizabeth Mead Howard

Eldership Academy Press would like to congratulate Elizabeth Howard on the publication of her new book, Aging Famously: Follow Those You Admire to Living Long and Well. In Aging Famously, Howard shares intimate interviews with her inspiring role models. She offers readers helpful tactics and lasting legacies of creative people in their 70s, 80s and beyond who continued to take risks and contribute their talents. They celebrated aging as a time of depth, understanding, commitment and hope. “Some mentors teach us specific skills; others teach us major life lessons. Elizabeth Howard gives the reader the opportunity to learn from an impressive group of wise and experienced elders, beginning with her own father.” -Dr. Margery Hutter Silver, co-author Living to 100, […]

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From Aging to Eldership Video

This presentation was given at a recent dinner hosted by the Center for Elder Independence and the Fund for Elder’s Independence. This video, from Nader’s recent eldership presentation at CEI, is about changing our perception of aging, reframing the conversation from about getting old to getting mature and opening ourselves up to the concept of Elder as a role and engaging in Eldership practices. Elders of any age can practice the Eldership values of giving back, mentorship and providing guidance to their communities. Eldership Dinner w/ Dr Nader Shabahangi Presentation for the Center for Elders’ Independence(CEI) on exploring our perceptions about aging and eldership. As many a philosopher and sage have pointed out, what is nearest is often the hardest to […]

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Upcoming Eldership Dinner with Dr Nader Shabahangi

Please join us for a light supper as we explore perceptions about aging. Come away with a new understanding of: What is life like as an older adult? How can we help our loved ones as they grow older? Thursday, March 9, 2017  6:00PM – 8:00PM Betti Ono Gallery  1427 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 Guest Speaker: Nader Shabahangi, PhD  Renowned aging and elder care expert CEO/Founder of AgeSong Senior Living Communities Eldership Dinner Presentation: As many a philosopher and sage have pointed out, what is nearest is often the hardest to see. Particularly in our so-called adult life, it is seldom a simple matter to take a step back and evaluate how we are living. How often do we reflect […]

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“I Like to Listen”: The Need for Eldership in Challenging Times

Nader Shabahangi shares an op-ed piece on his thoughts about how growing Eldership can have a positive impact in our challenging times. Excerpt from California Voices on California Health Report here: Eldership. Eldership is a role all of us can inhabit when called upon. It is the two year-old at the kitchen table reminding the parents that they are fighting while eating. It is the young adult standing up and letting the manager know workers are hurting. It is the middle adult who calms the temperament of two people about to get into a fight. Since becoming older does not automatically create an elder – it does not automatically create the skills needed for eldership – we often need to […]

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A History of Eldership

There is renewed interest today in the idea of eldership. Eldership refers to a role a person takes within a group or larger community. This person is called an elder and is someone who exhibits certain qualities and traits that help another individual, group or larger community in time of need. The Hebrew zah-kehn, the Greek presbuteros and the Latin senex mean the same as the English senior, elder, or aged. The English word Sir or Sire, the Spanish Senor, the Italian Senior are derived from senex and show the respect the elder was attributed. The Greek word presbuteros, from which is derived the word Presbyterian, refers in the Old Testament to age and experience translated to English as ‘elder’. […]

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Why ‘Eldership’?

eldership academy

The principal emphasis in our trainings has been on allowing people to experience that their lives are intrinsically meaningful. This means that all their pain and suffering, all the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, all of what they have already experienced and all of who they already are, somehow create the tapestry we call ‘life’. Becoming aware of how the many facets and aspects of our life and life history form a whole provides the basis for what we call understanding. Understanding, in turn, allows for our ability to feel that our life has meaning. Because much of more conventional psychotherapy has emphasized symptom and pain reduction, help with adjustment and adaptation, we felt that we wanted to focus more on […]

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