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Here There be Soul-Eaters

October 3, 2019 | Eldership Academy Team

Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers Here There be Soul-Eaters: Sacred Journeys of Nurse Healers By Martin Hemsley, Ph.D. Eldership Academy Press (2019) Now Available in Paperback for Australia/Oceania, and Around the World! Cost: $21.00 USD Softcover, $30.00 AUD Australia/Oceania Softcover; Shipping cost calculated per order Contact Us to Order Today!   In Here There be Soul-Eaters, a fascinating, deep dive into the interviews of eleven nurse healers from Australia and other countries, Dr. Martin Hemsley explores the “awesomeness, brokenness and ordinary joy” of their mysterious inner and outer journeys of becoming and living as healers. What is revealed is, “a spiritual path, over the edge of ordinary reality … living in multiple worlds, hard against the edge of madness”. Read, in these first-hand accounts, as women and men come to be a healer or shaman how they drop their personal history and trust the gifted empowerment. For some it is connected to the ancient shamanism of the Earth, nature and spirits and the deep transformation booms and resonates down the inner chambers and corridors of their lives. […]

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Save the Date Upcoming Workshop: Envisioning Eldership on Dec 7, 2019

eldership workshop nader shabahangi

September 23, 2019 | Eldership Academy Team

Envisioning Eldership: Embracing the Long View of Life and Living – An Existential, Process-Oriented Approach
A Day-Long Workshop
Developed & Facilitated by EHI Core Instructor Dr. Nader Shabahangi, MFT, RCFE

Date: Saturday, Dec 7th, 2019

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Restoring Eldership: Integrating our older population within our society

October 15, 2018 | Eldership Academy Team

The thesis here is a simple one and not original: some of today’s challenges, environmental degradation, national conflicts, dehumanization of the workplace, youth violence, the absence of spirit – to name but a few of today’s more pressing issues – could be helped through the restoration of eldership within our Western societies. Eldership here means: those who have lived into their retirement age and have valued their emotional and spiritual understanding as much as their advancement on the material level are given the important place of counselors and advisers to those younger in age. This place has been given up by today’s elders. Read the full article on Restoring Eldership here>>  

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The Evolving Elder

October 4, 2017 | Eldership Academy Team

The Evolving Elder Applying What Really Matters to Life By David “Lucky” Goff Eldership Academy Press (2017) $18.95 USD Softcover, plus shipping   Now Available in Paperback!     Purchasing Details: For USA and international customers- Buy on Amazon!   Congratulations! Your curiosity has led you to stumble onto something extraordinary. Once in a while, a passionate and poignant description of something that is happening on a global and evolutionary scale occurs. The Evolving Elder captures a transition that is preparing the way for a new phase in humanity’s life. By focusing upon the changes that are occurring in the longer lives of some old people, the movement of evolution is being revealed. Instead of dwelling on the prejudices that impede the old, this work describes elderhood in fresh terms, which reveal the many positive aspects of this important stage of human life. There are gains, which make the losses that accompany aging meaningful and essential to human well being. There are many surprises involved with aging —developments that enhance life, and expansions that change […]

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Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services

April 14, 2017 | Eldership Academy Team

Diversity, Inclusion and Innate Powers By Julia Wolfson, Ph.D. Eldership Academy Press (2017) Now Available in Paperback and Kindle! Cost: $18.95 USD Softcover, plus shipping; $35 AUD Australia/Oceania Softcover (includes postage); $9.99 USD Kindle edition Purchasing Details: For USA and international customers- Buy on Amazon! For our friends in Australia and Oceania -Softcover, includes postage! Buy a version for your Kindle! One billion people across the globe of all ages – one eighth of our human community – are dependent on health, disability and/or care and protective systems and providers. For millions of people, everyday survival depends on caregivers, supporters, care programs and funding. The need may be temporary, longer term or lifelong. Many people in care systems and assisted living settings are lonely, isolated and long to feel at home in a community with meaningful opportunities to participate and contribute. Mistreatment, exploitation and neglect in protective environments and institutions, has come to light in a sweep of shocking revelations and inquiries worldwide. Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services is relevant for caregivers, educators and direct support […]

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