Learning to Become Wise Elders at Any Age

Eldership Academy strives to train people of any age in the qualities that make an elder. These qualities are grounded in timeless human virtues. Such virtues are comprised of attributes like non-judgement, patience, focused attention, presence, deep listening, non-polarizing, and openness and curiosity to the known and unknown. 

Eldership is a role all of us can inhabit regardless of age. It is an attitude we can learn through study and repeated practice. Eldership Academy would like to contribute to the formation and training of an attitude we often attribute to wise elders. Wise Elders are more important than ever as guides for our communities who search for solutions to many challenges our planet and people face today. In a world where we have lost many guiding principals we are more than ever forced to look deeply inside to articulate a value system that is deep and timeless and lies within each of us.

At Eldership Academy we are facilitating the ability to listen to our inner voice, the inner wise elder. We are strengthening the belief in following our inner elder. If we can slow down enough, be present, we can hear our inner elder. In doing so we hope to answer the question, “What is a life worth living?” We strive to teach people to look at life backwards so we can hear what our inner elder is telling us about our values today. Aging affords us the opportunity to grow into the role of an elder, not just become to an older person.